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Trauma and Hopes of the Young

Documentaryfilm by Walter Wehmeyer

Documentary about the Israel Palestine conflict seen through the eyes of young people, who experienced violence.

Even if in the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine there seems to be no end in sight there are, on the level of civil society, more and more promising initiatives. Among the most remarcable projects there are peacecamps with Jewish and Palestinian adolescents as well as the work of numerous child- and adolescent psychologists and psychiatrists in all parts of Israel and Palestine.

This documentary film explores two guiding peacebuilding incentives:

  1. A peacecamp of Jewish and Arab Israelis with Austrian adolescents.
  2. The work of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists in Israel and Palestine.
  • Format: Digi Beta, PAL, 16:9, stereo, 59min, 45min and 30min version available; Festival version: 64min.29sec.
  • Language: English, German, Arabic, Hebrew with English subtitles and German overvoice available.
  • Camera: Yoav Kosh, Gerhard Lapan, Khalil Mari
  • Production: Petrus van der Let Filmproduktion in cooperation with ORF, 3sat, BR-Alpha, bm:bwk, RTR-Fonds, Cine Culture Carinthia, Hadassah Austria.
  • First Screening: 28th November 2004 at the Jewish Filmweek, Vienna.
  • Sales-contact: vanderlet.p@aon.at
  • Trailer: www.youtube.com:   Middle East - Trauma and Hopes of the Young
  • Interviews and off-narration: Where the Gods come from (PDF)