Where Gods ... I
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or: Why Indra came to the wedding on a tricycle

A documentary film by
Petrus van der Let and Harald Strohm

The film shows the origin of religion in the infant perception: why the oldest myths of creation are resembling all around the world.

The 1000 songs of the old Indian Rigveda belong to the oldest writings of mankind (1500 BC.) Until now the scientists had great problems with the interpretation of these Gods who - like Indra - are proud of their teeth and drink 30 lakes of milk. After many years of research the German religious historian Harald Strohm found the solution: many of these gods are children, Indra f.ex. is a one year old baby. His book about Indra was published in Germany 2003.

Why are the oldest myths and old religions resembling all around the world ? Why appear nowadays these myths in art, films and fairy-tales (f.ex. "Lord of the Rings"). The key to unlock this world-memory must be sought in the modern psychology of the small child. Because these myths reflect how a baby experiences the world in the first 18 months - how we all experienced the world as babies.

Locations: Mumbai, Bhaja (India), Nemrud Dagi, Dülük (Turkey), Austria, Germany.

  • Production: Petrus van der Let Filmproduktion in cooperation with Artia Nova, Austrian TV ORF, Austrian Ministry of Education and Science, Cine Culture Carinthia, Filmfonds of Carinthia, Lower Austria and Styria.
  • First Screening: New York International Independent Film & Video Festival – 11th November 03; Sunny Side of the Docs, Marseille June 04.
  • Format: Digi Beta, Pal, 91 minutes, Stereo
  • Language: German with English subtitles.
  • Download: Alibri Verlag: Woher die Götter stammen (MP4)
  • Trailer: www.youtube.com/user/AlibriVerlag
  • Interviews and off-narration: Where the Gods come from (PDF)