Martin's Way
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Of The End of Peaceableness in Christianity

A film by Petrus van der Let 2016 (43 mins)

On 11 November, processions of children carrying paper lanterns still mark the day of the burial of St. Martin in the year 397 CE. Martin was born the son of a Roman military tribune in the town of Savaria, known as Stein am Anger during Austro-Hungarian rule, today Szombathely in Hungary. Martin was a soldier in the Roman army for 24 years, a centurion leading 100 mounted men in the imperial guard. For centuries, the religion of the Roman soldiers had been the cult of Mithras, many elements of which made their way into Christianity. After leaving the military, Martin became an exorcist and later Bishop of Tours in what is today France.

At the beginning of the 4th century, Christianity was recognized as an official religion; by the end of the century, it had become the state religion of the Roman Empire and all other forms of worship were forbidden. After a 1000-year long history, the Olympic Games were abolished, and the library at the Temple of Serapis in Alexandria went up in flames.

  • Length: 43 mins
  • Format: HDcam, Digi Beta, PAL, 16:9, stereo
  • Written and directed by: Petrus van der Let
  • Camera, editing: Walter Wehmeyer
  • Music: Stefan Hagel, Peter Uwira
  • Production: Petrus van der Let Filmproduktion in cooperation with Walter Wehmeyer Filmproduktion, Johannes Pils, Laszlo Kantor, ORF, BMB, Subsidized by the Provinces of Upper Austria and Tirol
  • Festivals:
  • Broadcast: ORF III 21st December 2016, 04:35am
  • Distribution, DVD Euro 15,-
  • Trailer: Martin's Way