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Nabi Saleh, West Bank Child Psychiatrist Viveca Hazboun

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Israeli and Palestinian Peace Activists

A film by Walter Wehmeyer 2015 (60 mins)

The protagonists of this film are Israelis and Palestinians who attempt the impossible - every Friday, they meet to walk towards the Israeli soldiers. Palestinians from the village of Nabi Saleh and their Jewish supporters protest against the Israelis who have built a settlement on the property of the villagers. Dror Etkes is an Israeli who has documented the expansion of Israeli settlements - he shows how facts on the ground are increasingly preventing a two-state solution.

Nine years ago, we met a young Israeli called Ben at a peace camp (cf. Middle East - Trauma and Hopes of the Young). Ben was 14 at the time and convinced that both nations should live in a single state. Ahmad, a now 24-year-old Palestinian, also makes a reappearance in the film: nine years ago, we filmed him during his therapy after the trauma he suffered in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Palestinian philosopher Sari Nusseibeh looks towards the future and discusses different visions of a coexistence based on partnership. This is a film about people and their peaceful fight for equal rights of Israelis and Palestinians.

  • Length: 60 mins
  • Format: HDTV, PAL, 16:9, stereo
  • Language: English or English with German voice-over
  • Directed and edited by: Walter Wehmeyer
  • Camera: Walter Wehmeyer, Yoav Kosh, Khalil Mari
  • Music: Charles Ives, Michael Maroun
  • Production: Walter Wehmeyer Filmproduktion in cooperation with Petrus van der Let Filmproduktion, ORF, Planet TV Germany, subsidized by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs BMBF and the Province of Lower Austria.
  • Interviews and off-narration: Where the Gods come from (PDF)
  • Broadcast: 3sat 13th October 2015 11:10pm and available online on the following 7 days: www.3sat.de/mediathek/
  • Contact: walter.wehmeyer@chello.at