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Delta of Danube

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The Power of Suspecting

Eginald Schlattner and the Securitate Trauma

A film by Walter Wehmeyer (90min.)

Eginald Schlattner, author and prison chaplain, experienced the terror of the Romanian dictatorship first hand. Already at the age of ten, as a member of the German minority, Eginald Schlattner witnessed the turn many Siebenbürger Saxons took towards Nazism. At the end of the 1050s, Schlattner, then a student, was arrested by the Securitate. The henchmen torture him with sleep withdrawal and beatings. After months of intense interrogation, having become a convinced communist, he decided to disclose information about a number of authors who were critical of the regime. In his controversial novel, “Red Gloves,” Schlattner recapitulates the two years of his imprisonment. The book minutely reveals the psycho-terror of the secret service. In the film we encounter the author, who lives in Siebenbürgen (Transylvania), and several of his comrades-in-fate who survived the crimes of the Romanian regime as political prisoners.  The research leads us to former Securitate  officers, a former penal camp and to the national council for the review of Securitate files.

Sunken Faces

The novels of the Transylvanian prison chaplain, Eginald Schlattner 

A film by Walter Wehmeyer (52min.)

The film tells of the three big novels in which the author, who lives in Transylvania, captured his memories:  "The Beheaded Rooster", "The Piano in the Fog" and "Red Gloves".

Format: Digital Beta 16:9, PAL, stereo, 90min., 52min., 45min. versions

Language: German; Romanian; English subtitled version;

Camera: Tudor Mircea

Sound: Constantin Fleancu

Directed by: Walter Wehmeyer

Production: Walter Wehmeyer Filmproduktion in cooperation with Petrus van der Let Filmproduktion and ORF, 3sat, BR-alpha, Planet TV, TV-FUND AUSTRIA, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen Stuttgart, KulturKontakt Austria

Broadcast: ORF 2 sunday 6th of december 2009 at 11.05 pm; 3sat monday 14th of december 2009 at 11.50 pm; Planet TV Germany sunday 27th of december 2009 at 08.15 pm; 3sat tuesday 20th of september 2011 at 11.15 pm; BR-alpha wednesday 28th of october 2009 at 09.00 pm


Distribution:  "Walter Wehmeyer Filmproduktion"
Tel. & Fax: +43 (0)1 954 39 52

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